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‘In Taiwan, you can see mountains everywhere you go.’ Jue-Ming Mai, the producer of “Made in Taiwan” once said.

Taiwan is a small island, yet it abounds with lots of high mountains.

Because Taiwan is located in the center of Pacific Island chain,

It is deeply influenced by the orogenic movement,

Which leads to the fact that there are more than 260 mountains are 3000 meters above sea level.

The beautiful mountain range from lower altitudes to higher altitudes,

you can see all kinds of forest form and ecology from tropics to temperate zone,

from broad-leaved forest, coniferous forest to alpine mat,

from Taiwan red cypress, Formosan Salamander, Taiwan Landlocked Masu Salmon,

to other Glacial relict species.

Of course, there are also ancient tracks connected to history and racial stories.

Like Mount Jade, Snowy Mts., Chilai Mts. and Jiaming Lake,

there are so many aboriginal tribes lives near the mountainous area,

which develops the traditional cultures you shouldn’t miss.

Come trek with us, let’s discover mountain hiking in Taiwan,

not only can we get you

to experience the most authentic, unique Taiwanese culture and nature,

but add the most unforgettable memories to your journey in Taiwan.

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Tina ‧ 楊晴媚

Founder of Titohiking

OB of NCCU Hiking & Climbing Team

Graduated from NCCU Department of Management Information Systems ( Double degree with Department of Business Administration), joined NCCU Hiking & Climbing Team in college, has climbed more than 25 years, has set foot in overseas hiking for more than 14 years since 2005.

Fell in love with mountain climbing, traveling and nature in college, has been doing what she loves after graduate.

Been a overseas hiking tour-guide since 2005
Founded Titohiking Workshop in 2007
Founded Titohiking International Outdoor Activity Corporation in 2013
Founded Titohiking Travel Agency in 2015

Insisting setting ‘Safety’ as the top priority from the beginning , dedicated to promoting overseas hiking with small group and high quality, leading and guiding the team to fulfill their climbing dreams.

Related License

Passed Junior Professional and Technical Examinations Regulations for Tour Guides and Junior Professional and Technical Examinations Regulations for Tour Managers in 2007
Acquired English and Chinese Tour Manager Licenses in 2007
Acquired Manager of Travel Industry certificate in 2015

Frank ‧ 林永富

Graduated from NDMC, acquired Tour Guide and Tour Manager Licenses.

Now as: Chairman of New Taipei City Sport Climbing Committee, Member of Yonghe Rock Climbing Standing Committee, Director of Chinese Alpine Association, Vice President of Titohiking International Outdoor Activity Corporation, Vice President of Titohiking Travel Agency

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